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The story of concurrent rendering in React

🇺🇦 #​287 — May 4, 2022 Read on the Web React Status Shopify Unveils React Native Skia — Skia is a popular (used in Chrome, Android, Firefox, etc.) 2D graphics library and Shopify has brought its 2D drawing capabilities into React Native for you to create your own cross-platform graphics on the fly in any

Let’s build a JavaScript bundler

🇺🇦 #​587 — April 29, 2022 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Four Eras of JavaScript Frameworks — While the pre-2012 history is a bit fuzzy given the author’s experiences, this is a nice retrospective and attempt to break down the history of JavaScript frameworks into four eras, each of which builds upon what came before.

Now Node 16 gets the Fetch API too

🇺🇦 #​435 — April 28, 2022 Read on the Web Node Weekly Node 18’s ‘Prefix-Only’ Core Modules — A look at a new type of core module that can’t be imported quite like the others, e.g. import test from ‘node:test’ – what is this unusual package name notation about? Colin breaks it down in an

Why Does Remote Work Make Us Paranoid? And What To Do About It?

The number of people working remotely has significantly risen worldwide since the beginning of the covid epidemic in January 2020. And in spring 2022, with ongoing pandemics, many businesses in Eastern Europe faced new threats and had to find new ways to organize safe employees’ workplaces. The relocation is increasing and so is the quantity

React 18.1 released

🇺🇦 #​286 — April 27, 2022 Read on the Web React Status Remotion 3.0: ‘Write’ Videos in React — Remotion provides a way for you to use your React knowledge to create videos by writing what you want to happen in code with Remotion then handling the rendering and encoding. ▶️ This video showing off

Node.js 18, WebAssembly 2.0, and Ember 4.3

🇺🇦 #​586 — April 22, 2022 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web Lots of bits and pieces this week like running JavaScript on MS-DOS(!?), a deep dive on a V8 optimization, writing React apps on top of Ruby on Rails, a JS runtime for a tiny microcontroller, and, oh, a huge Node release.. JavaScript Weekly Lexical: An

Node.js 18 released

🇺🇦 #​434 — April 21, 2022 Read on the Web Node Weekly Node.js 18 (Current) Released — Almost exactly one year after Node 16 and two after Node 14 comes the newest version of Node. It’s a ‘current’ branch release for now, but will become an LTS (Long-Term Support) release in October, and you can

Putting React on Rails

🇺🇦 #​285 — April 20, 2022 Read on the Web React Status How to Create a Modern CRUD App with Ruby on Rails and React — A thorough, and newly updated, tutorial covering building a fully functional CRUD app with Rails 7, SQLite, esbuild, React 18, hooks, React Router, and more. An ideal guide if

Stand With Ukraine!

The war in Ukraine is a ghastly tragedy and an outrageous event which can never be justified. The war has catastrophic effect on the lives of millions of people not only in Ukraine , but around the whole world. The team of Flatlogic strongly condemns all acts of violence wherever they appear. Our headquarters are

On function composition in JavaScript

🇺🇦 #​585 — April 15, 2022 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly JS Function Composition: What’s The Big Deal? — James’ articles on JavaScript fundamentals have been very popular over the years, so it’s great to see a new one focusing on a common activity: function composition — “Why, then, do functional programmers get all
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