Month: January 2023

Astro 2.0 and TypeScript 5.0 beta

#​623 — January 27, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Astro 2.0: The Next-Gen ‘Islands’-Oriented Web Framework — 2.0 includes hybrid rendering (mixing of SSR and SSG outputs), type safety for Markdown & MDX, and an upgrade to Vite 4.0. Astro is worth exploring when performance is key as it works with popular frameworks

Automating the desktop with Node

#​471 — January 26, 2023 Read on the Web Nut.js 3.0: Use Node for Desktop Automation — Take control of your desktop environment (Windows, macOS or Linux) from code with control over keyboard and pointer, plus you get some image matching possibilities too. Open source but with optional sponsor-only extension packages. GitHub repo and what’s new

‘If you use React, you should be using a React framework.’

#​323 — January 25, 2023 Read on the Web React Status 🔥 “Create React App Is Not A Great Recommendation to Be Making..” — Theo, an increasingly well known developer YouTuber, ran into numerous issues with Create React App and decided to officially float the idea of having the React docs recommend Vite instead. It kicked off

Why document.write() is bad

#​622 — January 20, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Why Not document.write()? — Many moons ago, document.write was a mainstay of client-side JavaScript code, but it’s long been considered a bad practice – why? Harry digs in, noting that it “guarantees both a blocking fetch and a blocking execution, which holds up the

We’re going on a memory leak hunt

#​470 — January 19, 2023 Read on the Web Fixing a Memory Leak in a Production Node App — Kent encountered a variety of weird memory and CPU usage spikes in his Node-powered app and decided to figure out what was going on. This post walks through his complete journey, with plenty of side problems

Go + React = Success

#​322 — January 18, 2023 Read on the Web React Status Why Is My Jest Suite So Slow? — Jest is known for its speed and simplicity so the author was surprised at how quickly his team’s test suite was slowing down. Some investigatory work followed and led to this writeup about the underlying problem

Java-Script Jarre

#​621 — January 13, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly The State of JS 2022 — The State of JS is one of the JavaScript ecosystem’s most popular surveys and this time 39,471 folks took part giving us a snapshot of the tools, technologies, and language features people are using (or not using!) There’s

Writing React in F#

#​321 — January 11, 2023 Read on the Web React Status ➗ Mafs: React Components for Interactive Math — Build interactive, animated visualizations using declarative code with illustrative demos like bezier curves. The documentation is fantastic – check out how easy it is to make plots. Or just head to the GitHub repo. Steven Petryk Everything About React

Comparing Node.js job schedulers

#​469 — January 12, 2023 Read on the Web A (Final) Node.js Retrospective for 2022 — We devoted an issue to the best Node Weekly items of 2022 recently, but this post from NodeSource takes a broader look back at Node’s fortunes and developments in 2022, including how it topped Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey

Looking at both 2022 and 2023

#​620 — January 6, 2023 Read on the Web We’re back for 2023 😀 As is our tradition, we’re taking a quick look back at the past year – this time led by a few choice retrospectives, then followed by the most popular articles and tools included in JavaScript Weekly in 2022. There’s sure to
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