Month: January 2022

What is Git and Why Use It

Introduction and DefinitionRepositories and CommitsBranches and MergingPull RequestsCommandsWhy use Git?Articles You Might Like What is Git Git is a version control system for keeping track of changes to files. Using Git lets you always have a record of all adjustments, and return to specific versions when needed. Using it is easy to learn and takes

Etsy moved from React to Preact

#​574 — January 28, 2022 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly A Pipe Operator for JavaScript: Introduction and Use Cases — In the State of JS 2020 survey, a lot of developers felt a pipe operator was missing from JavaScript. It’s been around a while, but there’s a pipeline operator proposal and it’s at stage

Top 7+ Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates in 2022

Introduction There is a huge number of admin dashboard templates on the internet and a significant number of free ones to download. They usually include such kinds of things as graph/chart libraries, dashboard pages, alert box buttons, navigation schemes, icons, tables, and so on. We will try to find the best suitable UI (user interface)

Doing the opposite of Jim Cramer with Node

#​422 — January 27, 2022 Read on the Web Node Weekly Trilium Notes: A Knowledge Base App Build with Node — A hierarchical note taking app. Built as an Express app but is most commonly used on the desktop via an Electron packaged version. It’s been around a few years but continues to see frequent

Getting a grip on React server components

#​273 — January 26, 2022 Read on the Web React Status ⚛️ Your weekly React news digest, every Wednesday. React Server Components: A Primer — The co-founder of the Plasmic visual page builder app takes us on an exploration of React server components (currently an experimental feature in React 18) and how they tick under

8 Essential Bootstrap 4 Components for Your Web App

Let’s talk about Bootstrap 4 components. Bootstrap is an open-sourced framework for web apps development that has gained great popularity since 2011 when it was released for the first time. Since that time Bootstrap has expanded, evolved, become more and more popular, and gained the support of a large community of developers. The latest Bootstrap

Functional Components vs. Class Components in React.js

The history of React.js componentsFunctional components in ReactClass components in React.jsThe difference between functional and class componentsBonus: Building an App with Flatlogic Platform When you start to code with React you may get confused by some things in React, like JSX syntax or the difference between functional and class components. JSX is an interesting syntax

What is REST API

What is REST APIHow REST API worksHTTP methodsBest REST clients and testing tools What is the REST API? REST, or Representational State Transfer, API  is a client-service architecture that is based on a request/response design. REST APIs are primarily used to access and work with data.  How the REST API works? The REST API works

20+ Best Premium and Free Icon Packs for Web Developers and Designers

Pros of using iconsBest Icon PacksBonus!Creating Apps with FlatlogicFinal thoughts Icons have a significant role in giving you the first impression of a site or application interface. But it takes a lot of time and money to develop them from scratch. Using icons on your site allows you to effectively communicate with your visitors: they

How to Use Material UI Icons In React

Introduction to Material UI Icons In React We said it before and we’ll say it again: there are no small things in web development. And what is a better example of a small thing in web Apps than icons? Have you ever used an elevator with walls fully covered with ads? If you had no
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