Year: 2021

Create React App v5.0

#​269 — December 15, 2021 Read on the Web 🎄 This is the last normal issue of the year but we’re back next week with a “best of 2021” edition to cap off the year. Season’s greetings to you all!__Peter Cooper and Terence Gannon — editors React Status ⚛️ Your weekly React news digest, every

10 Best IDEs for React.JS in 2021

What is an IDE?What is the difference between IDE and Text Editor?How to choose an IDE?What is React?Best React IDEQuick Q&AVisual Studio WebStormReactideVim Editor GNU Emacs Editor Spacemacs Editor Sublime Text Rekit Studio BracketsAtomConclusionShort Recap FAQ In today’s world, the selection of IDEs and code editors is so large that it becomes difficult to choose
Best React Headless CMS

3+ Best Headless React CMS [2022]

The word "headless" directs to the lack of a front end. Headless CMS contains only one API and a back-end design where the data is stored and delivered.

Cutting down on JavaScript

#​568 — December 10, 2021 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly 📉  How We Cut 99% of Our JavaScript with Qwik and Partytown — It’s neat to see the original creator of Angular talking about cutting down on the amount of JavaScript! 🙂 The Qwik framework and Partytown were used here to both serve up

Top 15 Web Application Templates with Perfect Design [2021]

IntroductionWeb Application BenefitsExamples Of Web Application TemplatesConclusion Introduction Time and time again we convey a simple message – the world of app creation is magnificent. In some regards, we are 100% sure that it is on par with art, due to its diversity and the creativity involved. Simply put, just like an artist can be


#​417 — December 9, 2021 Read on the Web Node Weekly GitHub Rolling Out Enforced 2FA and More for npm Registry — Many public code package registries have suffered issues with user security in recent years, and a single compromised package can cause havoc in the npm ecosystem in particular. GitHub are, therefore, moving forward

A coding interview with Dan Abramov

#​268 — December 8, 2021 Read on the Web React Status ⚛️ Your weekly React news digest, every Wednesday. ▶  A Coding Interview with Dan Abramov — This isn’t particularly React focused, but in this novel twist on a straight up interview, React expert Dan Abramov subjects himself to a mock coding interview at the hands

What is Next.js and Top Next.js Templates

What is Next.jsWhy use Next.jsWhat can you build with Next.js and when to use Next.jsPros and Cons of Next.jsTop Next.js templatesConclusion Modern web application development involves rapid testing of hypotheses, building MVPs, and testing them, which requires appropriate tools. Accordingly, now we have a variety of different tools and frameworks for building web applications. Another

Flatlogic Platform Updates: November 2021

Flatlogic Platform, also known as Web App Builder is gathering pace!. Yay! We have already 2570 applications generated, and that’s not the limit! TypeScript added. Migrations added. GitHub integration included Free 7-Day Trial Added We keep on updating our Flatlogic Platform , a powerful tool for building fully working CRUD web applications with front-end, back-end,

Happy 26th birthday to JavaScript

#​567 — December 3, 2021 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly asciinema-player, Now 4x Smaller and 50x Faster with JS and Rust — asciinema is a Python-based terminal screen recorder (think Camtasia but for text!) but to play its recordings on the Web asciinema-player is used. Originally written in ClojureScript, a mixed JS + Rust
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