Month: November 2021

How to Create React App in 2021 [Guide]

IntroductionReasons to create your apps on ReactTutorial on manual React App creationSimplifying the process with Flatlogic’s Full Stack Web App GeneratorConclusion to have Introduction Say whatever you will about the world of app creation, but there is no denying that it is exceptionally vast and contains practically endless possibilities within itself. And you don’t have

A proposal to make npm safer?

#​413 — November 11, 2021 Read on the Web Node Weekly Node-RED in Industrial IoT: A Growing Standard — Node-RED is a very long standing Node.js-based ‘low code’ environment where you wire components together. As explained here, it’s heavily used in IoT scenarios and is even taking on established commercial systems. United Manufacturing Hub Bree 7.0:

React Router v6, a major rewrite

#​264 — November 10, 2021 Read on the Web React Status ⚛️ Your weekly React news digest, every Wednesday. Meet Hydrogen: Shopify’s React Framework for Dynamic, Contextual and Personalized E-Commerce — Hydrogen is an under-development React-powered framework bringing technologies like React Server Components and Vite into play for building entirely custom storefronts on the Shopify

New React Templates in the Family of Flatlogic Dashboards

Sofia React FULLSofia React NodejsFlatlogic ONE React Node.js Hey there! In addition to the free versions of Sofia React Template and Flatlogic One React template, we’ve released three more upgraded versions of our latest React templates. Meet them with a big round of applause: React Template based on Bootstrap and Material-UIReact Template based on Bootstrap

Angular 13, V8 9.7, and Puppeteer 11

#​563 — November 5, 2021 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Chrome’s New Feature to Record and Replay User Flows — It’s only a preview feature in Canary builds right now, but Chrome is adding a new Recorder panel to its DevTools which lets you record and replay a string of actions on a page

TypeScript delays ES module support for Node

#​412 — November 4, 2021 Read on the Web Node Weekly A Comprehensive Guide to Error Handling in Node — Node offers up more than enough ways for errors to crop up and exceptions to be thrown – this blog post skims through some of the main areas to consider. Ayooluwa Isaiah (Honeybadger) TypeScript Delays ESM

Taking an idea from Figma to final React app

#​263 — November 3, 2021 Read on the Web React Status ⚛️ Your weekly React news digest, every Wednesday. React Conf 2021: It’s Online, It’s Free, and on December 8 — With the ongoing realities of COVID and travel restrictions, React Conf heads online and takes place on December 8 and 6PM GMT (with a
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