Month: October 2021

A quick way to clean up node_modules folders

#​562 — October 29, 2021 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Tabulator 5.0: An Interactive Table and Data Grid Library — Supports all major browsers and can be used with Angular, Vue, and React if you wish. 5.0 is a big release boasting a complete rebuild, restructuring and moving to ES modules – see the

What is CRUD? How to create a CRUD app?

What are CRUD and CRUD operations examples?CRUD and RESTParts of the CRUD appCreating CRUD apps traditional wayCreate CRUD app with FlatlogicConclustion Modern web development involves user interaction with databases. As a rule, the user needs to perform some actions with the database. Usually, there are 4 actions: create, view, update and delete something. This is

Node v16 goes LTS

#​411 — October 28, 2021 Read on the Web Node Weekly Supercharging Node with Rust — As fast as the V8 team have made JavaScript, it’s still a dynamic language at the end of the day, and there are faster options such as Rust, C or C++ if you need absolute max performance or to

Web Summit Tickets Give Away! 🧨

Win the Tickets to Web Summit 2022 Hello people! How do you read, over? Do you want to take part in Web Summit 2022, in Lisbon? We’ll provide you with this online opportunity! Web Summit is an annual event that brings together the leading companies, professionals, and amateurs of the global tech industry from all

New releases of Next.js and Gatsby

#​262 — October 27, 2021 Read on the Web React Status ⚛️ Your weekly React news digest, every Wednesday. The New React Docs, In Progress and Now In Beta — The React docs are being entirely rewritten to use hooks rather than classes, introduce illustrations, and generally bring them up to modern speed. This currently-in-beta

Gatsby 4 released

#​561 — October 22, 2021 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly What’s New in the Now Fully Released Gatsby 4 — Gatsby is a popular React-based open-source framework and v4 introduces new content rendering methods (such as Deferred Static Generation), React 18 future proofing, new build and deployment architecture, new CMS APIs, and more. Jeff James

Node v17 released

#​410 — October 21, 2021 Read on the Web Node Weekly Node v17 (Current) Released — Being sixteen flew by in a flash for me at least, but so too has it for Node 16 remaining the cutting edge ‘release’ line. v17 now takes over that role with Node 16 becoming an Active LTS version

Flatlogic Web App Generator+GitHub!

 Hello coders! Our full-stack web app generator got integration with well-known and well-liked GitHub. Now you can add projects to your GitHub account where you will see a repository with the project made on the web app generator. If you make an update to your project in the generator, all the updates will be pushed

A guide to typing React hooks with TypeScript

#​261 — October 20, 2021 Read on the Web React Status ⚛️ Your weekly React news digest, every Wednesday. Six Concrete Tips That Will Make Your React Pull Requests Easier to Review — Looking to have your pull request rise above the background noise for an active repo? Making it easier to review could well be

8 Reasons to Use JavaScript Libraries in Project Management Apps

Software solutions help project managers to get ultimate control over all project stages and deliver results without delays. Since the war against the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet,  many organizations around the world adhere to remote working and pay for technologies that allow project managers to collaborate with colleagues and keep projects on track
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