Year: 2021

Top 10 Material Design Templates for Your Next Project

IntroductionWhat You Need to Know About Material UI Design TemplatesExamples of Great Material Design TemplatesHow to Create your Material React Dashboard TemplateConclusions  Introduction Today, we’re taking a deeper look at Material UI templates, and explaining what makes the best ones stand out. We have said it once, and we are going to say it many-many

The JavaScript 2021 megamix

#​570 — December 24, 2021 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly The Best of JavaScript Weekly in 2021 This is the last issue of the year (we’re back on January 7, 2022) so we’re taking a look back at some of the most popular items of 2021, starting with top links overall before moving on to

Best IDE for Javascript

In this collection, we will provide you with an overview of IDEs that are good for working with Javascript. Some developers use simple solutions, while at Flatlogic we prefer to use full-fledged IDEs for complex tools when developing complex tools. *** If you want to quickly create and host a full-fledged web application using various

How to Create an Angular Application Step by Step

IntroductionThings to know about AngularAngular ProsAngular ConsStep-by-step Angular App CreationHow to create a CMS for your Angular AppConclusions Introduction Good day to all of our dear friends and accidental bypassers. The theme of our today’s article is how to create an app with Angular. And, first off, let’s emphasize that Angular is one beast of

The top React links of 2021

#​270 — December 22, 2021 Read on the Web 🎄 Hi folks. It’s the end of the year (for us, anyway) so we’re looking back at 2021 with a roundup of the most popular items of the year, whether overall, or in terms of libraries and videos. You should find something useful here that skipped

Looking back at Node.js in 2021

#​419 — December 23, 2021 Read on the Web Node Weekly The Best of Node Weekly in 2021 This is the last issue of the year (we’re back on January 13 as we’re taking a two week break) so we’re taking a look back at some of the most popular links that we’ve shared throughout 2021.


#​569 — December 17, 2021 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Deep-Copying in JavaScript Using structuredClone — Ever had to resort to workarounds and libraries to create a deep copy of a value? structuredClone() to the rescue as a built-in function for deep-copying. Surma shows it off in this post, but note that support is

React Conf 2021 Recap

Last week we hosted our 6th React Conf. In previous years, we’ve used the React Conf stage to deliver industry changing announcements such as React Native and React Hooks. This year, we shared our multi-platform vision for React, starting with the release of React 18 and gradual adoption of concurrent features. This was the first

Top 10 Angular Material Admin Dashboard Templates

IntroMaterial DesignTop Angular Templates:Angular Material DashboardFuse AngularAngular Admin Dashboard TemplateNGX-AdminVex – Angular 10+ Material Design Admin TemplateAngular Material AdminAtrio – Angular 10+ Material Design Admin Dashboard TemplateMaterial Admin AngularTriangular – Material Design Admin Template AngularJSPrimer – Angular & React Material Design Admin TemplateBonus!Fully Angular Admin TemplateAbout FlatlogicConclusionSuggested Articles Introduction Angular is a worldwide known framework for

Shell scripting in Node with zx

#​418 — December 16, 2021 Read on the Web Node Weekly How To Write Shell Scripts in Node with Google’s zx — zx is a utility that makes it easier to write command line scripts based around Node. This tutorial covers the basics before going on to build a command-line tool that helps bootstrap configuration
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